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By Redadam

United Kingdom Gb

When is the best time to prune a Victoria Plum tree ??



anything that has a stone in the fruit May

28 Oct, 2009


I've be told various different times. Our local tree nurseryman says middle of August. Others say middle of winter... I've never heard of May before though.

28 Oct, 2009


just read the manual from the R H S never prune plums in winter because of risk of silver leaf ' first year late feb toearly march second yearthe same but in late july shorten new groth of branch leaders to 8" to down facing buds, current season's laterals on branches to6" third year repeet what you did second year after that verry little pruning, the may busness is from a man that has grown them for meny years

28 Oct, 2009


The plum we've inherited with the new veggie garden has never been pruned it is going to take drastic action to get it into any sort of shape - sigh...

28 Oct, 2009


ok but spred the pruning over three years or the shock to the tree will do it no good at all,

28 Oct, 2009


Makes sense.

28 Oct, 2009


May is good.

29 Oct, 2009

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