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How do I support indoor hyacinths grown in glass

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I like to grow indoor hyacinths in hyacinth vases - can anyone advise how I can support them when the are fully grown to stop them falling to one side?



If you push a split cane through the bulb to balance it on top of the jar, it won't tip over. I have been told this does not have a detrimental effect on the bulb...

29 Oct, 2009


Blimey Lou that sounds painful, makes sense though as bulbs still grow after being sliced with a spade. If Lizzie has more than one in a shallow pot, I think I'd bend a wire coat hanger and space out the ends to give it stability. I had floppy problems last year and this year I intend to leave them out in the wind to harden them off, except when the weather is too cold.

29 Oct, 2009


I think she's growing them in individual glass jars, hence the problem Ron.

29 Oct, 2009


Thanks for the tip Amblealice will give it a go it's quite disappointing when what start of as massive flower heads end up lying across the windowsill.

30 Oct, 2009

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