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Moving a box hedge


By Pen

North Somerset, United Kingdom Gb

Is it possible to transplant a box hedge? It is 30+ years old and about 3ft high - We need to hedge a distance of 17metres - the old hedge has to come out whatever the answer as we are extending the garden.



Hi Pen and welcome to GoY, I personally doubt that the hedge will survive given its age but, if it is either move it or lose it I'd try moving it first. Make sure to water well after moving and to water regularly thereafter for a good while.

29 Oct, 2009


That sounds like perfect advice from Moongrower. No more to add.

29 Oct, 2009


To add to Moon growers advice Pen, add as much organic matter to the planting trench as possible to give those roots plenty of TLC !

To digress to a different plant but same subject, in the spring i moved part of a young Pittosporum hedge and it objected by staying at a standstill and not growing for a couple of months.

Understandable really seeing as you've just disturbed its cosy home !

It's started producing new growth now and it would appear to be settling down again.

29 Oct, 2009

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