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I bought a Ficus benjamina Samantha & Ficus benjamina Anastasis in the summer, these have done well outside in pots. My friend informs me they are actually houseplants & need to be brought indoors for winter. I have a very small house & would prefer to leave them outside. What is the best way to keep them outside over winter. I live in Yorkshire, Northern England.



They will die outside in the winter, you will have to bring them in if you want them to survive.

29 Oct, 2009


Bamboo is right technically... how ever, my friend had a rather large one of these, that she kept on her balcony - she lived in a small flat the balcony was very sheltered, she gave it no protection, and we did get a cold winter that year... it got the frost the ice and snow, and it dropped all it's leaves and looked pretty dead..... but believe it or not it did come back from the dead the following year... maybe this is a freak of nature? or just luck, but if you really don't have the room inside you could try a really sheltered possition with lots of horicultral fleese, expect the leaves to fall, they do that quite a lot anyway...hense the common name lol and see what happens... but it is a big risk and the likely hood is that you will loose it... good luck.

30 Oct, 2009

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