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By Jewells

Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everyonei have a bit of a problem in one of the gardens I tend they have a series of box some of these are now turning a brown colour. I was under the illusion that these were evergreen. I am also wondering if there is an insect or disease that would cause this. If anyone has any ideas i would be grateful.



There is a disease called Box Blight that is caused by two different fungi. One is more serious than the other. Do any leaves have a dark staining at their base near the leaf stalk?

29 Oct, 2009


Mine go a bit brown from time to time on one side, I cut it out and they recover I have put it down to damage? perhaps by cats. But the whole bush brown maybe a different problem as Fractal says.

30 Oct, 2009


Are they turning brown or orange? There have been lots of questions about orange leaves on Buxus and the consensus of opinion seems to be cold weather.

30 Oct, 2009


Cold weather yet?

30 Oct, 2009


I've got my woolly jumper on!!

3 Nov, 2009


We have only had heating on for 3 days so far and its off again now still very mild here.

3 Nov, 2009


Fractal i haven't noticed any dark staining so am hoping it is just the temp change, in the summer months they all looked really healthy i also checked roots for rabbits nibbling at them as they have again started scouring for anything quite tender but i couldn't see any damage. Lets hope that they perk up in spring, thanks for all your help.

3 Nov, 2009

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