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Any good recipes for bird cake please? thanks



Hi Mavis this may help?? click Bird Feeders 2 the Right under Featured On: im sure theres some Bird Cake Recipes in there somewhere :)

30 Oct, 2009


Thanks Jaque I had already looked there but under bird food not bird feeders trust me . I have found some good ones ,that will be tommorows job.

30 Oct, 2009


So glad u found what u wanted :) it shows these Goypedi Pages do work ;) will u be making a Blog/Photos of your project Mavis :)

30 Oct, 2009 hope this helps

30 Oct, 2009


Hi Jacque I could write a blog but I dont have a camera so I cant take any photos . If my sons are up and about they may take them for me with their camera phone. Morgana I am hopless at this high tech stuff so copy and paste is something I am just learning to do with the help of my sons. I will have a look as soon as I can The Goypedia pages where ideal I will use them again.

30 Oct, 2009


try this:
1 Stale bread, whizzed to large crumbs. I store mine in a poly bag in the freezer throughout the year.
2 Sort through the pantry for out of date sultanas, ginger, peel, seeds or nuts [usually left over from last year's cake/pudding making].
3 Chillies and hard cheese from the fridge and 'forgotten' christmas pud / cake from the freezer, hard fruit from the fruit bowl [chopped roughly].
4 Packet [or 2] hard lard or block vegetable fat, plus some wild bird seed, peanuts or treats [meal worms, etc].

Melt the fat gently in a saucepan and allow to cool. Mix the other ingredients together in a large bowl, then pour enough fat into the mixture so that the mix will set hard and not be too crumbly.

Pack tightly into half coconut shells, plastic suet block trays, or just form into rough balls and place in the freezer. When frozen, wrap and seal and use throughout the winter in suet cages, wrapped in garden netting like fat balls and hung in the trees or from the bird table.

My winter birds love it [and I get the starlings back, squabbling over the cages].

Making mine this weekend along with the Christmas pudding - must remember not to get them mixed up!!

2 Nov, 2009

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