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Can anyone advise if Dapnhe is acid loving? Mine is looking rather sick compared with a year ago. I have given it lots of lovely compost but I wonder if it needs some ericaceous food. I lost one last year - too wet I fear

On plant Daphne odora Aureomarginata

Daphnelilac Daphne_and_pit.



No I dont think so? lots of humas and sun or partia shade avoid heavy pruning. Compost is good but as you mentioned it do you think it got too wet they do like well drained soil?

30 Oct, 2009


Not particularly - but they do like well drained, but moist, soil. Could it have dried out too much this year? And have you been feeding it with anything at all? If not, give it a feed in spring with something like Miracle Gro general purpose, or Growmore raked round the roots.

30 Oct, 2009


How long have you had it? Daphnes are not very long-lived shrubs. I had a daphne odora and after about ten years, it started to die - sorry to say yours looks like it's going that way too

30 Oct, 2009


Good thing is it should have seeded lots of babies around by now. Mr MB digs some up each year and pots them on.

30 Oct, 2009


I agree.

They are all easy from the pip/stone in the middle of their fruits. Sow in gritty compost and leave outdoors in cold frame where no mice can get in. Usually good germination from fresh seed. Named forms of course will vary from parent but that's half the fun. Species are of course more stable in the form of their siblings.

30 Oct, 2009


ps There is loads of wild Daphne laureola growing in woods not that far north from me in SE Northumberland (30 miles approx) and this reminds me I must collect some fruits sometime!

30 Oct, 2009


Got to it Fractal!

30 Oct, 2009


Thanks folks for your tips!
Unfortunately my shrub does not produce fruits for me to sow.

I have managed to produce some from cuttings and am trying again at present.

This was grown from a cutting pinched from one of Cardi'ff's parks about 15 years ago so I guess its done pretty well.

I will miss the wonderful perfume in February if it does die.

In answer to Bamboos's question, our garden has certainly not dried out. We are victims of the jet stream moving south here in South Wales.
So I guess the Daphne doesnt like it either!

30 Oct, 2009


Hi Rachelsmum, the RHS says "Daphnes do best on well-drained, moisture-retentive, humus-rich soil. They will not tolerate drought or waterlogging." So you are both right!

12 Oct, 2014

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