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how poisonous are gunnera plants? i have two plants next to my pond and one was pushing my dry stone retainer bank over, so i removed two of the tubar heads and rebuilt wall. that evening my foot has two small red dots and the most uncomfortable itching ever which has lasted for over three days now. please help with a cure.



are they one of each sex, you will need this if you want seeds, I don't know much about the giant rhubarb, some say that you can eat the fruit, but I would not take a chanch untill I knew more

31 Oct, 2009


they do cross pollenate each other and have multiplied year on year. the seeds are highly poisonous but i have hered that they are used in medicene. i have extremely itchy reaction after removing three of the tubars. i have either been bitten by something or come into contact with sap from the plant. i am not sure but it is like stingy nettle sting for over three days.

31 Oct, 2009


People have different reactions to different plants - you may be allergic to the bristly stems/leaves, or to the sap. Ny husband gets an allergic reation to Ivy if he even brushes against it.

Gunnera is not on the RHS toxic list, by the way.

I would try calamine lotion to soothe the rash.

31 Oct, 2009


I agree with all that Spritzhenry has written but if the rash continues or you are concerned, go and see your doctor.

31 Oct, 2009


yes i agree it sounds like an allergic reaction antihistamine cream on the area would help.

31 Oct, 2009


also try periton or becinase tablets . they are antihistamines and work from within. antihistan cream is also good. I have a similar response to this plant too. drives me mad. i dont grow it as a consequence.

31 Oct, 2009


thanks for your replies. the above has all helped. i do like the plants and what they give in shade for the pond is great, so i will have to be more carefull in future.

2 Nov, 2009

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