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how can I get rid of the hundreds of tiny white flies on my sprout plants please?



Grow English Marigold beneath the Sprouts. They don't like the smell!

31 Oct, 2009


Thanks for that but the sprouts are in the garden now and covered in the darn things.

31 Oct, 2009


washing up water

31 Oct, 2009


Or spray with soapy water using washing up liquid diluted in a spray bottle.

31 Oct, 2009


Yes from me too soapy water works.

31 Oct, 2009


I have some white fly on my sprouts, don't spray if you are picking them. The soapy water won't hurt unless it's carbolic. Pick your sprouts and soak in vinegar and water overnight, the flies will float to the top.
Welcome to GOY.

31 Oct, 2009


Never heard of that one before DrB - I'll remember that, or try to!

31 Oct, 2009


Yes, it always works MG, I remember seeing my mother doing this many moons (sorry about the pun), ago. The little devils float around on the top making it easy for preparation. Vinegar is the cure all for almost everything.

31 Oct, 2009


yes my mother used to soak the joint in vinegar and water in the days of meat safes, hear we go I forgot to put that on the clock sarger

31 Oct, 2009

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