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Can you please advice me on how to over winter my Eucomis Bicolor ? many thanks

On plant Eucomis Bicolor



pinapple flower is fully hardy can stand temp's of 15%c ( 5%f) hope this helps,

1 Nov, 2009


Mine is in a container (two types) E. bicolor and E. autumnalis. I keep them next to the back wall of my house in a sheltered spot. They stay dry and come through fine.

If planted in the ground, as long as it is free drained, they should be fine. You could also mulch over them so keep the worst of the cold out.

1 Nov, 2009


i have them in the ground in bog standard garden soil. they were buried quite deep originally. They dont show there noses until late april early may. every year i think i have lost them then they poke there noses up. they are lovely.

1 Nov, 2009


Mine are a bit like that Seaburngirl....I have e.autumnalis and this year it was the end of July before they poked their noses above ground.

1 Nov, 2009


gets me worried until i see them poking through.

1 Nov, 2009


Oops Cliffo, 15 degrees C is 59 degrees F.

1 Nov, 2009


did he mean minus 15 do you think?

1 Nov, 2009


Oh! yes SBG, apologies to Cliffo, minus 15c it is, just wanted to get the figures right.

1 Nov, 2009


you had me wondering then!! thanks both

2 Nov, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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