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By Sooze

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

my poor Aster lateriflorus is faling over after the heavy rain :( I've tried canes and all sorts to keep it upright. It looked so beautiful but now it's so sad - help and advice please. Sorry I don't have a piccy.



You're gonna need 4 or 5 canes and some string - place the canes round the outside of the plant, wrap the string round the canes and on the plant if you have to, to support it. Won't look great, but nothing else to be done. Next year, put supports in place as it grows rather than waiting for it to fall over.

1 Nov, 2009


Thanks - I'm off to the shed then to gather supplies!!

1 Nov, 2009


Blimey, hope its not as wet there as it is here, then!

1 Nov, 2009


Yep - it's really wet - I may drown on the way :0)

1 Nov, 2009


Drowning up here too!

1 Nov, 2009


so - I've done it. Thanks for all replies - it looks much better now :)

1 Nov, 2009

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