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I have a friend who asked my advice the other day on pruning Magnolias. Her "Tree" is some 30 years old and has been moved twice as it has family sentimental ties. Until it reached its present site just three years ago it did not grow much and certainly did not flower!!! Now - it has gone mad - obviously approves its recent home and flowers profusely - BUT has nearly obscured the front path and doorway!!
I have a couple of magnolias myself but they are not in need of pruning....and although I have some ideas....I figured I should get professional advice as to when and how hard she dare prune it back as I would hate her to lose it as a result of my incorrect info.
I should have said that she lives in the north east of scotland - just west of Aberdeen.

On plant Magnolia




go on pruning click on magnolia pruning scrole down page to how to pruning magnolia, hope this is what you want Salicifolia

1 Nov, 2009


Thanks Cliffo ....will have a look see!
By the way - anybody able to name the variety for me - as the name tag got lost "in transit" like 20-30 years ago she tells me ...LOL

1 Nov, 2009


it looks like the picture on the right of this page, salicifolia

1 Nov, 2009


Advice in my book says to cut back untidy plants and remove dead wood in late summer or after flowering for deciduous species and in spring for evergreens. Hard prune only mature specimens and only in spring. If this magnolia is salicifolia, the leaves and bark should have a lemony aniseedy smell when bruised or crushed, flowers slightly fragrant, narrow leaves.

1 Nov, 2009


Could be ...I'll let her know to look ..thanks Cliffo

1 Nov, 2009


Hi Bamboo....thanks for your input too...I will need to ask her about the lemon scented bark bit...I haven't noticed this thundering great Magnolia when I have visited - but will need to have a look when I can next get there...she just lives 15 miles up the road!! Certainly by the look of her pic the leaves do look narrow enough to be the salicifolia thanks...I will now be able to let her know what to do and NOT to do !! My take was certainly to prune after she will have to wait a bit as it flowers in abundance now it is happy!

1 Nov, 2009


Make sure any pruning is done after all risk of frost has passed - magnolias are rather fussy in this respect

2 Nov, 2009


Very wise point Andrewr...I have emailed her all the info you folk have offered but will remind her of the frost side of things as up Deeside is well known for its frosts pockets!

2 Nov, 2009

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