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Friends have given me hawthorne and willow which Ive planted watered well all died. I have also tried planting hawthorne and blackthorne direct into the soil as well as in popts of compost these too die off. I now have some H/B berries which grow wild prolifically nearby) and a few Hazel nuts. I am desperate to get growing a mixed hedghe of these but how preferably without peat and sand
Please advise. thanks Patsy (Truro Cornwall)



Hi Patsy,
I planted 2 hawthorn this year which have died as well. Willow should be easy though, given enough water. It's renowned for growing even when you've put a slim trunk in for a clothes post or something!
I'll be interested in any answers you get as I want to try the hawthorn again.

2 Nov, 2009
Hope this link helps you both with hawthorn taken from cuttings.

2 Nov, 2009


Odd that the Hawthorn should not survive. There is a new set of hedging along out lane, mostly Hawthorn and all they did was stick a spade in, wiggle it back and forwards to make a slit, stuff the bare root tree in and tread it down. Looking today I cannot find one which has not survived. Perhaps you are being too kind to them?

2 Nov, 2009

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