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Can kaffir lilies be used as pond plants?



Not in the pond no, you could have they by the side of the pond though or stream though.

2 Nov, 2009


i didnt think they like being too wet. mine are both in well drained aspects. and they are doing well.

welocme to goy too.

2 Nov, 2009


Although they enjoy moisture during the growing season, they do not enjoy sitting in wet soils over winter (they come from South Africa where the winters are drier than ours).
I have them growing in a planting basket at the edge of my pond which gets moved under cover for winter - a greenhouse, cold frame or a position against a house wall would all be OK

2 Nov, 2009


i will give that a go next year then andrew. sorry to doubt you mg :o)

2 Nov, 2009


that's ok SBG I don't always get it right :-)

And Andrew has given the caveat that they need to be moved for winter which I hadn't realised.

2 Nov, 2009


that makes sense but mine stay in the ground all the year round. but it is quite well drained i suppose.

2 Nov, 2009


My stay in the ground all year too but they are on a slope. I find I have to water them in dry summers like this one.

2 Nov, 2009


I hadn't thought to point out that if by a pond or stream in wet ground they need to be moved for winter. Fine in a normal free draining bed.


2 Nov, 2009


One of the problems of trying to grow plants from different parts of the world is in trying to mimic the conditions they would get 'at home'. Kaffir lilies grow close to water in South Africa but, as I stated above, they are used to drier winters than they get here. As long as they are not waterlogged in winter, they should grow well provided they get enough moisture in the growing season. It is often our combination of cold AND wet that kills things that would otherwise survive low temperatures

2 Nov, 2009


Andrew cold and wet does it for a lot of plants - sigh...

2 Nov, 2009


doesnt do me many favours either :o)

2 Nov, 2009


Nor me...

3 Nov, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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