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A work collage has just given me a couple of hundred begonia tubers

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A work colleague has just given me a couple of hundred begonia tubers. The follage is still attached at the moment. Do I cut this down to say 1" and just let tubers dry out before storing? I've been told best thing to do is store them in dry sand for the winter but if I can't do this, will they survive as long as they are dry & frost free (but not in sand)?



You could use dry, old compost or sawdust from a pet shop. The main thing is to keep them dry but not let them shrivel up which they will do if not surrounded by something. Whatever you do, don't use plastic bags.

3 Nov, 2009


Hi the cottage gardener if you go to Crazydi blog on putting begonias to bed it will show you what to do, saves me explaining.

3 Nov, 2009


Thanks - looked at Crazidi's blog

21 Nov, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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