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ID for mushrooms. Thanks for idents I've attached another picture so you can see the top. Any ideas on the toxicity of the soil? I think I'll have to dispose of all of it. And I think you're possibly right re the paeonies as not all were affected but the ones with the mould on them were suffering possibly due to the dryness the fungi had created.




Well I'm still sticking with Lepista Nuda, Wood Blewit, also known as Bluelegs. Are the stems bluish-lilac?
The gills would also be bluish-lilac, fading to almost buff. Smell is strongly perfumed.

The Wood Blewit is edible and classed as excellent though I don't personally like them but DO NOT EAT any from a distance photo identification!

Sorry, I know nothing about what any fungus might do to the soil though many are plant enhancing, growing in a symbiotic relationship with particular plants.

5 Nov, 2009


I wouldn't have thought you needed to dig out the soil Jeanie... just remove the fungi if you don't like them being there

5 Nov, 2009


they will actually benefit the soil. they digest plant remains and release nutrients into the soil. thats why spent mushroom compost is so good for the garden.

remove the visible toadstools if you dont like them. they wont harm the soil.

5 Nov, 2009


Many many thanks to all replies. I shan't be eating them but I'm hoping the compost will have benefitted. Jw

6 Nov, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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