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Can anyone identify this flower please?




More details please - height - position (garden?) leaf shape
I've got a dahlia that looks similar and is in full bloom at the moment!

5 Nov, 2009


Hi - it's a small flower, about 1 inch across. Leaves are dark green and spikey.

5 Nov, 2009


it looks like a small chrysanthamum with the central yellow disc. a picture of the leaf would help in the id.

5 Nov, 2009


Thanks - will take a look through my photos when I get home to see if any of them show the leaves!

5 Nov, 2009


possble pyrethrum

5 Nov, 2009


Could be Pyrethrum but one or two of the newer Argyranthemums also look very like this too. Of all plant families to show just the flower! :-)

Leaves also please.....:-)

5 Nov, 2009


Yep Argyranthemum again......I used to grow this dark red one and the paler varieties....super plants for warm dry places.

5 Nov, 2009


That's great, many thanks!!

5 Nov, 2009


i wondered about that but mine all finnished flowering back in summer.

6 Nov, 2009

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