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By Markag

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi - I recently moved house and the new garden has an old and well established grape vine. It has been abundantly loaded with grapes and although I realise it is a little late for this year's harvest - I would like to make wine from them next year. My problem is I have NO IDEA what type of grape vine it is. Can anyone point me at websites which may help ? I will try to upload a photo soon!



Hi Mark the majority of the grapes grown in the UK are dessert grapes not wine grapes. Are the black or white grapes?

There are lots of sites on grapes and growing in the UK - just do a google search.

5 Nov, 2009


Hi Moon Grower! Many thanks for your quick reply. These are very black grapes. I tasted one and found it slightly bitter - but not unpleasantly so. I will try a google search for grapes grown in the UK!
Thanks again!

5 Nov, 2009


Markag, I have a vine that sounds like the same, very dark, small fruit with a bitter skin but pleasant inside. The leaves are dark and small. I've made a gallon of wine form them but though it looks great, it will be 18 months before I'll know if it tastes good.
It's not too late for this year as the riper the better. You need a crusher or a juice extracter as it stains your feet !!

5 Nov, 2009


And you can leave the skin and pips in for about a week, you need the skin for the wine to be red

5 Nov, 2009


We didn't leave the skin /pips in, just fed the lot through a juice extractor. The juice came out clear and dark red but now you mention it maybe if we'd left the skin in it would have helped with the flavour. All a bit academic now but the reason why we used the extractor was that when we made other wines we had problems with the sieve getting clogged up.

5 Nov, 2009


The pips and skin will add tannin, they make white wine from grapes with red skins by crushing them and not adding the skins. Snag is on a small scale it is always a challenge...

5 Nov, 2009

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