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By Telme8

Vale of Glamorgan, Wales Wal

I have a healthy Galica Rose Scharlachglut (Scarlet Fire) which has grown fairly tall, last early winter I pruned back one of the main stems from which has sprouted 3/4 health long shoots. Should I leave these grow straight up as I did before or should I bend them over like you do with Climbing roses to get them to send off shoots at a lower level.

On plant Gallica Rose Scharlachglut (Scarlet Fire)




Much depends on what you want it to cover, if it's the one in the pic above I think you're on the right track. It looks a bit 'woody' so I'd do the same each year so that it's constantly renewed but not all at once. Yes bend the stems to shape it to your arch. It's a cracker of a rose, my O/H's Father has one that looks the same. I've not come across it before but it looks like a rambler called 'Geranium' Does it produce nice hips?

5 Nov, 2009


What a beauty! I love single roses like this one and this one is a really spectacular. Any chance of a hardwood cutting or two?

Heron, I think you are mistaking the shrub rose Rosa moyesii 'Geranium'? which is a free standing rose with stiff, none pliable branches. It does have a look in the flower and you are right about the hips which are smashing on that species.

5 Nov, 2009


Ooops not a rambler of cause, moyesii 'Geranium' must be the one. I was told by 'Fryers' that it forms a 'hump' I regret not getting one now. Ah well, the place I was going to put it is now occupied by a Cornus Contraversa Varigata so it can't be bad. I've a question on it but I'll post anew.
Telme8 you're luck to have such a beauty.

5 Nov, 2009


There can always be found a space in a garden........:-)

5 Nov, 2009


Thanks to you both, I will bend some of the new shoots over, cut another of the old stems off and leave the third to reach the heights for this year, he'll get the chop next year, hope I have read you right! It does have lovely large hips, I bought 2 galligars when I planted my garden this one did well but the Narvada was fantastic the first 2 years but has struggled since. That again is a lovely rose but they are both early once flowering.Thanks

5 Nov, 2009


They do need a good supply of moisture especially the larger ones, Have you checked out the positions of them?

6 Nov, 2009

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