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My Pink Passion Cordyline tips turning brown? I have two Cordylines in tall pots either side of my door which has a porch over. I have just noticed that the leaves are losing their colour and the tips are turning brown! I haven't fleeced them as I thought they are hardly down to -7 and because they are in tall pots (approx 60cm tall) and next to house thought they would be ok? this not correct?.... and should I tie them up and then fleece them or just fleece them open? Thank you in advance :)



I own one of these and have heard that being very cold and wet damages the roots.

Mine seems to be fine at the moment, but I was advised to move it somewhere sheltered to try and prevent this.

Cordylines are originally from places like Australia and can struggle in the cold British weather.

If I am wrong, someone will surely correct me.

17 Dec, 2012


I think it would be a good idea to protect them..especially this variety..They sound as though they have some degree of protection,but it may not be enough,if we get severe weather conditions..The usual way,is to gather all the leaves together to protect the crown,wrap in fleece and tie with twine..on good days,remove it,as constant wet will rot the crown..on the other hand ,it might not get waterlogged if it's under cover of a porch..I and others lost their's in the winter of 2010/11,so better not to take a chance..

17 Dec, 2012


Thank you for your answers :)

18 Dec, 2012


Pink Passion are less hardy that the bog standard variety. It is not unusual for the tips to go brown and as the leaves at the bottom die off it will no longer become a problem. As the plant is reasonably sheltered then I would only lightly fleece if a really cold spell is forecast. They can be suseptible to rots and rusts so the better the air flow around the leaves then the better.

21 Dec, 2012

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