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By Heron

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I was given a "Wedding cake tree" for my retirement. The idea was for me to be able to see through it (between the layers) yet be able to sit beneath in the shade. Well that was three years ago and I'd have to be a midget to sit beneath it so far. The first year it didn't grow at all the second year it put on 18" but last year nothing. Does it only grow bi-annually ?

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I did a search on Google for this lovely tree & I came up with three site that I've put below.

Fundamentally it would seem it's a slow growing tree & you will have to wait a few years till it "matures" a little more.

5 Nov, 2009


I think you are right Heron. The ones I have seen have a sudden spurt of upward growth (not necessarily from the bud you expect!) and then grow a year or two outward before another sudden upward surge.

Lovely present by the way :-)

5 Nov, 2009


Yes you describe it exactly right Fractal though this year it didn't grow vertical or laterally. It will be interesting to see which way it grows next year. One thing I'm sure of is that I'll have to 'keep taking the pills'.
Thank you both for your help.

6 Nov, 2009


An incentive to live a long life Heron....which I'm sure you will...."nobbut a lad"...:)))

6 Nov, 2009


dear nobbut a lad' I looked it up what a lovly tree (controversa variegata) when full grown 8mx8m, when thar grows up thatell be a grand site

6 Nov, 2009


I've seen a fully grown tree at Holdhird in The Lake District..It was a wonderful sight...think I may have a pic somewhere...will try and find it and let you see it.

6 Nov, 2009


Thanks for the nobuta lad Lou, I'd like to see the pic if you can find it. I could sit by my tree and look at yuor pic.

6 Nov, 2009


I've posted the pic "lad" :))

6 Nov, 2009


amble that's nout but ar babie concider that an adult grows to eight meters high and is as broad as it's long lass

6 Nov, 2009


OK pet :))))

6 Nov, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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