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How do I pot this cutting?
It's an orchid (I think) that my Dad gave me, which went all floppy, so I snipped off the end and put it in water. Now, it seems to be doing really well, just in the water, but I think I should be putting it in a proper pot. Could anyone tell what is the best way and the best medium to put it in? It's got lots of fine roots and is about to do a flower, so I want to take good care of it!
Many thanks in advance!




Yes, this is one of the Ludisia's. They are ground orchids with creeping rhizomes and attractively striped leaves. The flowers are small spikes, attractive too close up but it is for their foliage of course they are mostly grown.

Pot it up in normal compost with extra well rotted leaf mould added if possible. A bit of coarse grit added will help open out the compost too. They like to get congested in the pot but are easy to propagate from stems like this.

7 Nov, 2009


High humidity is also needed so once potted, keep the plant standing on a gravel tray kept moist.

7 Nov, 2009


Gosh thanks - that's really fantastic advice - perfect!

Thanks again Fractal :)

7 Nov, 2009


this is a lovely leaf. I might try and find one of these.

7 Nov, 2009


A couple of months later and it's still alive and well - thanks to your advice Fractal - it even still has a couple of flowers, so it must be fairly comfy!

11 Jan, 2010


Thats great to hear Claire :-)

11 Jan, 2010


i'm pleased to know this too. its a lovely leaf.

11 Jan, 2010

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