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blobs of green slime


By Timia1

essex, United Kingdom Gb

hello can anyone shed some light on this I have just started seeing lumps of shiney green slime on my flowerbeds its looks organic rather than some kind of droping its appears jelly like and after a dayor so it goes blackish. sorry haven got a picture as camera is old type



sounds like lilly bug. look for red beatles .pick them off or spray with lilly spray. herbs

31 May, 2008


May be a type of slug, turning dark as it withers and dies. Do you see it move at all? How big is it?

1 Jun, 2008


well it does not seem alive as it does not move if i poke it about. it looks like seaweed to start with! there are various sizes some are quite small about as big as a 50p and some quite large say as big as a fiver.

1 Jun, 2008


sorry no answer, but i have it in my garden and its in a friends, only noticed it today, it does look a bit alien. some bits look like they have just landed and others do seem like they have come out of the ground. do you live in the UK,

4 Jun, 2008


Yes I am in the UK, east of england close to cambridge, and essex border, quite bizzare stuff I am quite determined now to find out what it is , so will keep on investigations.

5 Jun, 2008

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