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I recently bought a pampas grass in a large container.Now the feathers are brown and I think it might by dying - do the feathers turn brown in the autume/winter or am I doing something wrong with it.



well, my plumes ar stil cremey wite, but you in container. check for damp at nase. maybe not good drain? place on bricks help, plus maybe mor hole in base.
pampas diffcult to kill. i set mineon fire evry 3 yr to give ita bosst an it flower reely wel.
chek drainge

8 Nov, 2009


The plumes usually carry on sitting there looking white or creamy for ages, right through till spring, though they look quite tatty by then. It's probably because its in a pot; you may not have watered sufficiently - its very easy to underwater a pot. Alternatively, as Derek says, a pot without proper drainage would cause problems too, from waterlogging. This plant is best in the ground - if its possible, I'd move it into the ground as soon as possible - otherwise, turn it out of its pot and check the rootball - if it's a great mass of roots and little soil, get a much larger pot, though its lifespan will be limited by being contained in this way.

9 Nov, 2009


Bamboo- wat you thnk? If dry, the plume go brown or fade, loos color an brake a prt? Or wet do that? I doont no, just gess reelly, i think you confirmwell-pot alwy probelm to see inside- given they servive dry more than wet, i tink probly wet. your advic good-tip it out-maybe then it canbe split into sevral plnts in pots- i memry one that got so big that to get outof gardn the owna had to use a JCB diger to get it out- wat a pot that wold need!

9 Nov, 2009


I reckon it needs to be planted out, Derek - won't tolerate a pot for long, that's the trouble. And I once had to dig out two - good job I was younger and stronger then, hard work, but I did it. Doubt I'd manage it now - couldn't afford the hospital bills!

9 Nov, 2009


spot on i think Bamboo- ina pot it alway a prob to deel with

10 Nov, 2009

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