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By Janpled

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a potted bay tree that is sending out small shoots just below ground level. Are they best snipped off or can I dig them out gently and try and pot them on. I don't want to damage the main tree as it is still quite small.



Personally I'd pull them off rather than cutting them off.

19 Dec, 2012


i would also pull them rather than cut. do they spoil the overal appearance of the plant? if not just leave them.

20 Dec, 2012


As it is only a small tree then I would pull back the soil and cut with snips just below the surface. I would say that you will do more damage to pull than to snip.

21 Dec, 2012


pulling is the way and is better for the tree than cutting my bonzei expert friend sais if its mall .

21 Dec, 2012


let the shoot grow into a pot with soil in if it will then you can let it get old enough to clip of later if this works ofcourse lol .

21 Dec, 2012


All the info I've ever read is to pull not cut, which apparently encourages regrowth.

21 Dec, 2012


Thank you for your comments. Divided opinions so I think I will pull half out and snip the rest off.

21 Dec, 2012


Janpled three of us advised you to pull them off only one to cut - obviously it is up to you but the cut ones will grow back.

21 Dec, 2012

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