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By Scotkat

Angus, Scotland Sco

Anyone else got thier sweetpeas started?



Mine are now at stage to nip out centre.

10 Nov, 2009


I don't sow mine 'till spring but I do sow three for an early crop in the GH. They're not as advanced as yours Scotcat but I'll plant them at the end of the GH path in a couple of weeks. I find that they are so early and the main crop is flowering before the early ones have finished.

10 Nov, 2009


Yes, Kath - planted in October and up about 2". I shall plant some more in the spring, though.

10 Nov, 2009


potted mine in early october and put into a coldframe, they got to about 8 - 9 inches tall so brought them into a house windowsill and nipped out the centre over a week ago.

10 Nov, 2009


Yes I've got 12 in my plastic greenhouse since I pinched out the centre 3wks ago they stopped growing up they're about 5" tall I'd say. My friend wants them to plant amoung his runner beans next year for pollination.

10 Nov, 2009


Mine are in my greenhouse a tray of of 12 as well .

So now that mine are pinched out.

Will I need to keep pinching out as they will keep growing through the winter.

I shall sow more in the spring.

10 Nov, 2009


I have some too, still tiny though. At what height do you nip the top out?

10 Nov, 2009


I have read that when sowing in the not pinch tops out...this will enable the young plants to get a good root system over the winter...they can be pinched out in the spring....this info was from an expert. Hope it helps....

10 Nov, 2009


Thanks Amblealice

10 Nov, 2009


But will they not grow lanky if not pinched out.

10 Nov, 2009


I thought you pinched the tops out when there are about 4 pairs of leaves.
mine were about 8 inches within a month,i,d need to take the shelfs out my mini greenhouse to keep in if I didn't pinch them out.

11 Nov, 2009


Hi I read that you need to keep them moist and out of draught.Mine are still looking well but I must go and give them a drop of water. I pinched mine at 4 pairs of leaves they've stopped growing up for now but are bushing out.

16 Nov, 2009


I'm confused about pinching out, now - I've always done it at the 4 pairs of leaves stage - and I read in a Amateur Gardening Magazine to do that, as well. As I'm not trying to grow flowers to 'show', I think I'll continue to pinch now - sorry, Alice's expert - but thanks for the advice anyway! :-)

16 Nov, 2009

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