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Vale of Glamorgan, Wales Wal

Does anyone know what has eaten this leaf? It's one of 12 sweet peas I've got growing in a plastic greenhouse. Only one leaf has been affected. I removed the leaf and rest seem ok.




was it ok the last time you noticed? could be slug damage or even woodlice. most likelike slug/snail.

10 Nov, 2009


Looks like slug or snail damage Gardengirl...have a hunt round your plastic GH, you'll probably find one or two (probably snails) lurking there...:((

10 Nov, 2009


An artistic slug maybe !

11 Nov, 2009


Look for shiny slime trails or it could be a little green caterpillar, check under all the leaves as they hide well. Scatter a few slug pellets on the staging to catch the slugs/snails. No need to worry about the birds eating them in the greenhouse!

11 Nov, 2009

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