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Can anyone help with weed indentification?
Very invasive, covers ground completely if left. Grows to about two foot tall. Small flowers, yellow with white petals. Any ideas? Thanks

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is it one of the mayweeds?

11 Nov, 2009


is it slightly hairy? I think if its hairyish it is Shaggy soldier Galinsoga ciliata if its not hairy then it is Gallant soldier G.parviflora. both are wildflowers/ weeds of common places. it is a member of the daisy family.

11 Nov, 2009


Pamg Looked up mayweed, the flowers on my weed are too small.

11 Nov, 2009


This used to be called Kew weed after where it first appeared. It is a Coreopsis relative from the Americas and has spread (both species as mentioned by Seaburngirl) all over the world.

Noticed a few at work this year in Northumberland and id's them as G. parvifolia. Funny, no one else was interested in them when I showed them but as I am fascinated in all life forms, plant and animal, they were of interest to me. :-)

11 Nov, 2009


ditto fractal . the response i often get is 'its a weed so what'. glad i found the correct genus/id :o)
very difficult when not able to handle the plant.

11 Nov, 2009


So how do you get rid ?

11 Nov, 2009


It's a weed of cultivation. (The Incas were probably familiar with it whilst hoeing between their rows of Oca and Potatoes). Same treatment, either hand pull before seeding or hoe in sunny, windy weather before seeding. It's an annual.

11 Nov, 2009


Thanks everybody, I have looked it up on the web and I think I agree with your suggestions.
Be warned- if you see this weed in your garden do everything you can to get rid of it before it seeds!!!!

12 Nov, 2009

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