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can they be grown from the seed kernals?

On plant Prunus lusitanica



From the seeds, yes - sow in gritty compost in a cold frame in early spring

12 Nov, 2009


Guest, if you are the same person who is asking lots of questions as a guest you might just want to join GoY so we all know whom we are talking to...

12 Nov, 2009


Mg - it's a new thing just introduced by P&A. I've just read it all. Click on the avatar to see.

12 Nov, 2009


That's all very well, Spritz, but we have more than eight questions, possibly ten, from Guest - one of which has a USA flag, one of them a question mark instead of a flag, and the others the UK flag - I made the possible mistake of assuming they were all the same person - it might not be, but if it isn't, then we've got three "guests" on tonight - very confusing.

12 Nov, 2009

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