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By Scottw3

London, United Kingdom Gb

I have a foul stench in one corner of my patio, many workmen have not been able to identify it! can I identify what it is and clear it without harming animals or the environment



Any chance of a photograph of the area that smells? And are you sure it's not a problem coming from next door? Hidden drain? Hole where something could have crawled in and died? Is the smell sewage like?

13 Nov, 2009


how long you hav smell?

13 Nov, 2009


could it be foxes? that's a very distinctive smell... is the area overgrown, or perhaps a neighbour's garden overgrown just beyond it?

13 Nov, 2009


Sorry to be flippant, but if you plant dranunculis vulgaris (dragon arum) in the other corner, you will find you no longer notice the other smell once it flowers in the spring!

13 Nov, 2009


say htat Bertie, i got spare muckpile, very ripe, 20m x 8m - wuld fill patio nice :)

13 Nov, 2009

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