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Where do you plant Arum lillys and can you plant all colours together? Staying centurion little bit frost!

On plant can you plant all different colour together arun lilys



do you mean Arum or the bog plant also called zandeneschia?
Arum tend to be woodlanders and the corms can be planted about 2-3inches deep in good leafmould/littered soil.
The Zandeneschia I think prefer moister conditions [seen them in bog gardens and shallow ponds] and full sun. they come in a range of colours and yes you can plant them mixed together.

21 Dec, 2012


Zantedeschia aethiopica, [arum lily] is a south african native plant , so should be no problem, Derek.

21 Dec, 2012


The common white Arum Lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica) is something of a bog plant, though it likes drier conditions during hot summers, when it usually goes dormant. The colored-bloom species (Z. elliotiana, Z. rehmannii, and their hybrids) need better drainage and warmer winters than the white one.

21 Dec, 2012


they say colored one will lose there color please advise

22 Dec, 2012


that probably means as the flower dies off the colour fades.

23 Dec, 2012


Yes, I've never heard of the plant producing paler flowers as it gets older

26 Dec, 2012

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