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very heavy clay soil



I am allways amased at the number of people that will say brake it up with sand' what you have is a lot of traped nuterants' a lot more than ordenary soil' clay is very fine' I like to discribe it as like flower wereas soil is granuals like sugger and we need to dig in plenty of humas in to it, well strawed manure, and I make no apoligies for sayin peet the corser the better, leaf mold the black stuf that is under the recient fall leaves,then get your sets in , get a good crop of spuds then follow with cabbage what you do not use will bulk your compus out ,that will also help , sand for drainage once the clay has become usable then you can put sand in for deep rooted things like carrots .and you can grow flowers strate away ,sweet pea which you just through amoung the clods and roses but put a bit of compost around the roots to give them a start, in about three years of hard work you will grow crops to be proud of, because you will have released all those nuterants ,

14 Nov, 2009


Guest, what is it you want to know about very heavy clay soil?, what grows well in it or how to improve it, roses grow well in clay, if you want to improve dig in 6"to 8" of organic matter to the whole bed hope this helps or could you add more information of what you are requesting.

14 Nov, 2009


Morgana we crossed in the post' but only in the post lol

14 Nov, 2009


lol Cliffo I don't get cross only on paths and lines, phone lines etc he he life is too short . life should be for enjoying not hehe ha ha:o))))

14 Nov, 2009


I agree with what Cliffo and Morgana have said. Humus is most important, but put clay with clay by breaking up very old bricks for drainage. Dig over your open ground rough to let the frost break it down. The top will have a fine tilth in the spring.

14 Nov, 2009


yes I would like you to add what doctorbob said that is verry good advice

14 Nov, 2009

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