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By Janpled

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

How can you get rid of an Acanthus plant (Bears Breeches) that has grown amongst other plants. The more I disturb the roots the more leaves it creates.



This is one of those plants that comes easily from root cuttings - as you are discovering! The only way I have found to get rid of it is to paint the leaves with a systemic weedkiller as soon as they appear. It will take several applications but you will win in the end. Good luck

14 Nov, 2009


It takes years to get rid of it Janpled.
I've been trying for 3 years here and still it comes :-(((
As Andrew suggests, keep using s systemic weedkiller on the leaves and keep drenching it all the time and you'll start to weaken the plant and eventually it'll produce less growth.

14 Nov, 2009


cant you cover it with a black bin liner and keep the light out and just paint any new growth outside the mane plant .

14 Nov, 2009


I smothered mine Nosey and being the clever plant it is, it just sent its roots along the ground and popped its ugly head up several feet away.
I tell you, this is NOT a plant you want in a town garden !

14 Nov, 2009


cool just a thaught louise

14 Nov, 2009


That method would work with anything other than this dreadful plant.
You don't want to hear my thoughts on it ;-))

In a large open garden with lots of lovely room it would be a great architectural plant, but when it's planted in a town garden that's about 30'x30' it's just not suitable.

14 Nov, 2009


thanks, I wish I had never ever planted it! Buy shares in Roundup friends, I am going to need alot of it.

14 Nov, 2009


Took me three years to get rid of mine. Love the plants though! It was just in the wrong place.

14 Nov, 2009


ill steer clear you should try killing some of these bamboos they sell or digging them out once theyve matured .

16 Nov, 2009


Ahh, i've heard about them Nosey.
They're a plant that won't be coming into this garden !

16 Nov, 2009


there ok if you get the right sort

16 Nov, 2009


Ah, right.

16 Nov, 2009


Re: acanthus: - I cleared the area of precious plants and bought some cheap bleach and drowned the roots. So far there is just one area where I missed before. Don't think it is ecological but having spent 3 years trying to get rid of it I would try anything. It's cheap.

22 Jul, 2013


4 years on and I am still getting the odd leaf or ten coming up each season even with roundup applied. I cant seem to kill it so will try your method now Graysmag. Thanks for your comment.

27 Jul, 2013


Hi All,
we have the acanthus in our town garden in coastal SW Victoria, Australia , it seems to have thrived on very little attention or nourishment for 20++++ years!!
Got to kill it , will be trying some suggestions seen above & would love to here any other ideas out there??!??

10 Aug, 2013


Cutting the plant down and painting on roundup (neat!!!) on the cut edge will work, but needs to be done to each plant. Tis the only way i have ever seen them beaten...
Also make sure you take out EVERY seedling, or you will be back to square one!

11 Jul, 2017

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