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When I moved into my new home, there was a Japanese quince bush in the yard. It bloomed the first summer but not the next. Is there something I should be doing for it?



I would give it a good mulch with compost and a feed of fish blood and bone meal or something similar.

14 Nov, 2009


I think cutting back recently flowered shoots encourages new growth which will flower the following year

14 Nov, 2009


What time of year would this be Plug?

14 Nov, 2009


Immediately after flowering according to the beebs site but this would obviously prevent any fruit formation

14 Nov, 2009


Thats what I thought Plug. Just seen my neighbour in the village this is what he said/does:
Position in full sun or partial shade very tough and hardy. Quince does needs pruning, trim to shape after flowering, reducing last years growth by half, only cut back old wood if starting to be overgrown and leggy. He grows his as a wall shrub. He also give some, feed and mulches every spring though he did say it does well in poor soil.

15 Nov, 2009

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