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Odisha, Bhubaneswar, India In

I want to make an arch on my terrace and grow a beautiful perenial flowering climber. I want to sow the plant in january, but important thing is sowing the plant in a plastic rice sack.
So can anyone tell which climber is best in this Odisha region?

Will wisteria grow in this type of region?



No plant or shrub is going to be happy in a plastic rice sack unless you can sort out some drainage. Whereabouts in India is Odisha, I couldn't find it.

22 Dec, 2012


A good idea for you would be to have a good look round your neighbourhood, see whats growing and doing well in other gardens, as regards your region whats the weather like, i think growing wisteria from seed can mean that it takes a very long time to flower, would perennial sweet pea do well where you are, or clematis, like i say have a good look round and see whats doing well.

22 Dec, 2012


Moon : i know about drainage, for that i made small holes...

Odisha's old name is orissa...eastern state in India

22 Dec, 2012


Thanx julien...

22 Dec, 2012


Snag is Vivek if the bags are sitting on the floor they will not drain easily...

22 Dec, 2012


Moon : Oh ya
but plastic sack means it is knitted with plastic ribbons, water a can easly drain and when soil is poured the gaps become compact to som extent...
I hope it wil do ya

23 Dec, 2012


I wish you success but doubt that a clematis would cope with those conditions as they like a cool root run.

23 Dec, 2012


Ah, we call it plastic canvas, here in Arizona. I would use Scarlet Runner Bean, Black-Eyed Susan Vine, Orange Clock Vine, or tall varieties of Nasturtiums.

26 Dec, 2012

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