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I have a cherry tree now three years old. It does fruit, but as the fruit begins to grow, they suddenly turn brown and then drop off. We have clay soil. I s there anything I need to feed the trree with?



I've responded under your second question - don't suppose you've got an photos of the problem?

15 Nov, 2009


I have tryed looking this up but I can not finde what this is so I am going to fall back on some good basic advice, and what I think the problem is, first get some mulch around the bottom of the tee well roted manure will take a lot of beating ,then next month spray the tree with winter wash from your garden center, and do it every two or three weeks this gets rid of the creapy crawles that may be over wintering on the tree, keep this up untill the tree comes into bud, in early spring give it a good feed of bone meal forked in lightly,most of these things come to week trees and after all the fruit it has given you it needs a feed to get its strenth back to give you good fruit, rember it will be feading youngsters next summer, and if it's got no milk the babyes will die lol

15 Nov, 2009

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