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What can be wrong with my cherry tree. It is now three years old and growing nicely. It has fruited for the second year, but as the fruit grows it turns brown and then drops off. What do I need to add to it to stop loosing the fruit?



Did you see any signs of insect infestation before the fruit set, or after? When the fruit "went brown" and dropped off, were the fruits small and dry, or rotten and soggy? It may be that drought caused this problem - once the fruit has set, it needs water in order to swell and grow and ripen - if water is short, the tree will drop the fruit to save itself.

15 Nov, 2009


carn't find this with cherry's following on what Bamboo said, I would spray the tree next month with winter wash, and do it every three weeks up to the buds starting, what you can do now is give the tree a feed put plenty of manure around the bottom of the tree then in early spring give it a feed of bone meal , most of these things come to week trees, and after three years of surplying you with fruit the lady needs a good feed.

15 Nov, 2009

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