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Hello. I have a Dracaena, I think! And it has completely wilted. This has happened at the stems and not at the leaves. The leaves are nice and green and the plant has been watered. The stems look a little yellow. And are moist inside. But are not standing upright. Please can you help? Many thanks, Jennifer

Jen_plant_pics_003 Jen_plant_pics_002



Any chance of a photo? specially as you're not certain which plant it is

15 Nov, 2009


Thinking about this question, I realise it may not be possible for you to post a photo, so I'm going to ask you something instead - it sounds like this could be overwatering - when you water the plant, is it sitting in a tray or a pot that catches the water? And if so, do you check that its not still standing in water half an hour after you've watered it? Because if its been sitting with its roots saturated by excess water, you would get this drooping, soggy, wilting going on.

16 Nov, 2009



Thanks for your reply again. Here are a couple of photos I managed to post. Any more ideas, though i agree it could be overwatering.

Though the inside of the roots have now gone very black. Have you any suggestions how to get the plant back to a happy upright state?"!!


17 Nov, 2009


I'm sorry to say, now I've seen the picture, that this might be an ex houseplant. You could try cutting off the stems where the breaks are, repotting in fresh compost, and then watering properly and see if it regrows. Otherwise, it's RIP, I think, sorry.

17 Nov, 2009

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