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I have a Magellanica Alba, approx 5 years old, and in a pot.
It appears to grow in a shape like an open umbrellas without the fabric.
It needs a trim, how far down can it be pruned?
If I pruned below the "open unbrella spokes" would they regrow? I really do like this shape.
Also when do I prune a magnolia, please?

On plant Fuchsia magellanica / Magnolia



Hi Lyn welcome to GOY.The magellanica is one of the hardiest fuschias available and although it might die right back over the winter it should come away from the base again. If you have to prune it do it in March. The magnolia will not need to be pruned but you can take out dead or unwanted branches after it flowers. Hope this helps

15 Nov, 2009

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