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mesembryanthenum care



I don't think they need anything special as they thrive in poor conditions. They do however need very dry spot. I have one in a large pot that I insert into an urn. I like them as they remind me of a favourite spot, Moelva, Anglesea, North Wales. sorry about the spelling. I will over-winter mine in the GH so as not to alow them to get cold and wet.

15 Nov, 2009


I have never managed to over winter them and just treta themas an annual. They also have to be in full sun. they open in sun and stay closed on a cloudy day.

15 Nov, 2009


Do they survive the winter in the greenhouse Heron? Seaburngirl....have always treated them as annuals. Do they flower well in subsequent years (having overwintered)??

15 Nov, 2009


It's such a big plant, still flowering. No it probably wont survive but with the warmer weather I thought I'd try.

15 Nov, 2009


I have always thought of them as annuals too.

15 Nov, 2009


And with the Botanists messing about with them, the annual ones are probably not even called Mesambreanthemum any more. I actually have a very old book somewhere on the whole genus as it used to be.

16 Nov, 2009

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