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how deep do you plant daffodil bulbs, and how far apart.



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15 Nov, 2009


Twice the depth of the bulb usually so 4" for small and at least 6" for the large.

15 Nov, 2009


How far apart depends on whether you're planting them in the soil or in a container. If in a container, then plant close together for a good display. If in soil, then plant them in clumps about 4"apart.

15 Nov, 2009


Where planting depth is concerned, I never know whether people are referring to the top of the bulb or the bottom of.

17 Nov, 2009


Hi Jonathan I always think it means if the bulb is 4" deep the top should be at least 4" below soil making the bottom of the bulb at least 8" below the soil?

17 Nov, 2009


If they are too deep, they push themselves up a bit, apparently! Too shallow, and they can be either dug up by accident, or fall over when they flower!

17 Nov, 2009

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