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what is a sundew

Asked from the GoYpedia bog garden plants page



It is a type of insect eating plant found in peat bogs. It has very sticky blobs on the end of thin hairs. They glisten in the sun, hence the name. An insect lands on the blobs and is stuck and the plant ingests the insect to supplement its diet in a what is a very poor nutriment environment.

16 Nov, 2009


Not only that but the whole leaf (and glandular projections) actively bend over to enclose the insect/protein meal.

They are quite a diverse group/genus (Drosera) and occur in some surprising places (South Africa) for instance.

16 Nov, 2009


ps as animal proteins are composed mostly of Nitrogen (which plants need), it seems a foregone conclusion that somewhere in nature, plants would turn the tables on the consumers (animals). :-)

16 Nov, 2009

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