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Garlic Germination.
I planted some GC-bought garlic cloves 2 inches deep 6 inches apart around 4 weeks ago and there is still no sign of green. Is this normal? I have heard garlic should germinate in 2-3 weeks, but is this when spring-planted? I have also heard that it sometimes comes up in Autumn if the weather is mild. Its been so mild recently, am I right in being a little worried, or may I have to wait til Spring to see some green? Thanks



I'm not an expert but I think that you will find that your cloves will make their root system before you see any sign of shoots next year. Be patient!

16 Nov, 2009


Thanks. I think I'm being a little impatient too! Just wondering how common it is for the shoots to appear in Autumn/winter rather than spring.

16 Nov, 2009


Not sure...I suspect it depends on how soon the cloves are planted; October being the normal time I think.

16 Nov, 2009


I think you may have planted them a little too deep. I have found that planting them with just the tip out ofthe ground works here in Norfolk. Planted mine about 5 weeks ago and now have 2-3 inches of green shoot.

16 Nov, 2009


2 inches is ok I think. They should come through fine in spring, just leave them alone. Norfolkapple, I think there is not such a hard and fast rule for them so yours answer is fine too. Garlic is very adaptable and will just grow anyway!

16 Nov, 2009


thanks, I went for 2 inches because the soil I prepared was very light, I read to plant them shallower if the soil is heavier.

16 Nov, 2009

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