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hello, I'm not a gardener!
I'm getting married in early July. With the help of my Mum (who is a gardener) we are growing the flowers on the allotment.
I would really like to give her a bowl of 'growing' flowers as a thank you at the wedding. I remember growing bulbs in the cupboard under the stairs as a child!

Could you please recommend some flowers that are likely to be in bloom at the wedding that aren't too sensitive to grow?

All ideas welcome
thank you in advance



I force Lilies to flower in June onwards, by putting the pots into a frost-free greenhouse. You might like to try those - 5 to a large pot - buy dwarf varieties. The only other idea I came up with was begonias - the ones grown from corms (or are they tubers?) They would also need to be in a pot, rather than a bowl. I thought of Freesias and Sparaxis, but they're a bit temperamental.

You could of course 'cheat' and go to a Garden Centre a week or do before the wedding, and plant up a bowl with anything you spot. ;-)

23 Dec, 2012


or in June/July the garden centre might have lots of pots already planted! I thought of Freesias too Spritz. but they are difficult to grow. Also the florist who is doing your flowers might be able to get you something nice and special. You might consider a brooch of flowers for your mum, that is what I received from my daughter and I treasure it.

24 Dec, 2012


All good ideas and will take the pressure off you.

24 Dec, 2012

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