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I have a question for AndrewR, I am from Canada and I want to purchase a Garrya Elliptica. Where can I do that in Canada or anywhere and have it shipped here to me ?



Hi Annie

Garrya elliptica 'James Roof' is one of my favourites ..
I hope you're able to buy one..

24 Dec, 2012


You could pm him, he may not be around over the holidays to see this question

24 Dec, 2012


As I don't live in Canada, I don't know where you could buy one. You could try asking on this site:

which appears to be for Canadian gardeners. I believe there is one growing at Vancouver Botanical Garden so you might try contacting them. Or cross the border, as it's a native of northwest USA.

Good luck.


24 Dec, 2012


Thank you all for your information, using your information ....I hope I can find one.
Hope you all have a good Christmas !

26 Dec, 2012

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