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Fungus Fanciers
Another batch came up, so I bought a couple back to the house and took these pics. The gills are dark brown and they smell very shroomy!!

Mush_023 Mush_024 Mush_025



They certainly 'look' like field mushrooms to me from these pix.

17 Nov, 2009


try pealing them if the skin comes easy in strips, send me a couple dozen and I will try them for you.

17 Nov, 2009


The pictures 'look' like mushrooms but I would not want to advise you to eat them just from the photographs. In Norfolk, you must have neighbours who know what they are talking about and can confirm the identity.
One test that I remember is; can you peel the skin easily? If so, it is a further indication that they are mushrooms.

17 Nov, 2009


Bingo, Cliffo!

17 Nov, 2009


They certainly seem to key out as an Agaricus, which is the Field Mushroom family. The only thing that makes me hesitate is that in the first pictures the caps were quite brown, even on the young ones. There are over forty Agaricus types in Britain.

Roger Phillips has a rare Agaricus - vaporarius - which he describes as having a stem which is deeply buried in the soil and which pushes up through the soil, expanding as it comes. It has a darker cap than the Field Mushroom, Agaricus campestris but this does go into definite scales.....which I can't see on the second photos, so maybe not. The smell is strongly mushroomy and the flesh reddens slightly on cutting.

Edibility of that one is suspect.

17 Nov, 2009

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