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By Debby

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

how high is a tree allowed to grow, i have a laural tree that is blocking light out in my lounge and sunlight in my small garden, this tree is at the bottem of my neighbours 200ft garden so does not interfere with them,



I do know with conifers its 6ft I am sure, from neighbours argueing , in cases seen on tv in the past. perhaps some one else can answer with more knowledge than my self. I had mine dug out.

17 Nov, 2009


Hi Debby and welcome to GoY whilst Morgana is correct that a conifer hedge can be no more than 6 foot in height so far as I am aware there is no such rule regarding an individual tree.

Would it be possible to invite the neighbours round and explain to them just how their laurel tree is affecting your garden? Remember though there is no 'right to light'.

17 Nov, 2009


How far away from your property is this Laurel as I was told by a friend he works in this area on the council, as I had simular trouble with a tree from the grave yard, if it s 6ft or less from the poperty you can do some thing about it or if it blogs light to your home.

17 Nov, 2009


I belive it has sumthing to do with your right to light have a word with your council they will tell you what your rights are and if they concider that it is being inpeached they will take the nesery action, but please ask' do not tell.

17 Nov, 2009 Hope this link helps you if you read down to light.

17 Nov, 2009


Cliffo - you've got a picture!!!! Very nice.

17 Nov, 2009


WOW! what wonderful people you all are, thankyou all so very much.

The right to light I will look into,didnt know there was such a thing. Interesting!

The laurel is 15ft away from my house,just the other side of the the 6ft fence between us,

I have tried explaining to the neighbour,even invited her around so she can see for herself,but as yet to no avail.

And again a big THANKYOU for all your help.I'l keep you all posted

17 Nov, 2009


As far as I'm aware, there is no "right to light", unless someone's changed the rules while I wasn't looking. However, if the laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) is now very tall (over 20 feet) and it's only 15 feet away from your house, you may well be able to argue that its too large a "tree" to be so close to a residence in that the roots may interfere with the foundations. I'm not saying they definitely will, but its' certainly a possible cause of damage that you could argue with them, as a good reason for keeping its growth restricted. The recommended minimum distance for a tree to be planted is 45 feet away from any house or structure with foundations - once this plant reaches a certain height, it could be classed a tree.

17 Nov, 2009


Bamboo is right, the Council do not consider right to light anymore where this sort of thing is concerned. Individual trees can grow as high as they like with no restrictions if they are far enough away from a property to do so. If it is damaging water pipes or foundations and it belongs to you hook it out asap. if it is a neighbours tree they can be liable for damage to your property. If the laurel is hanging over the boundary on your garden, you can trim it back to the level of the boundary. If the laurel is part of a hedge, it shouldn't be more than 2 metres high. The rules about leylandii hedges apply to all evergreen hedges including laurel. If it belongs to your neighbour, ask politely for them to cut it down slightly to allow the light into your garden. Lots to consider....

17 Nov, 2009


I think you have a point there Bamboo' skillen I have had it for some time , a nabour
used my conputer to up date her speed camera warning thing so I got her to put the photo on for me,

17 Nov, 2009

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