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oregan grape with fragrant yellow flowers and spiny evergreen foliage



This is a Mahonia aquifolium. What would you like to ask about it, please?

17 Nov, 2009


We've one in flower in our garden right now...

17 Nov, 2009


Mine has buds, Mg. Not in flower yet!

17 Nov, 2009


Ours is very early this year.

18 Nov, 2009


Mine's been out for a while now, but my next door neighbours has finished! They are 6 feet apart! I guess it depends on the parent plant.

18 Nov, 2009


mine is in full flower but the birds are enjoying eating some of the blossom.

18 Nov, 2009


Hmmm....dear little things! Interesting, though - yellow flowers again - like my yellow violas, Sbg!

18 Nov, 2009


Fingers crossed the birds have not taken any notice of the flowers on our Mahonia yet :-)

18 Nov, 2009


yes know spritz!

18 Nov, 2009

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