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brunners looking glass should it look like this? I excitedly opened my parcel when it arrived and this is what I found , it cost 5.20 plus postage and I need to know if it looks like this at this time of year before I get in touch with the nursery>

On plant brunnera macrophylla looking glass




I don't know what it would look like normally, that's the trouble, and here in London, Jack Frost is still bushy, growing and very healthy looking, so regional temperature differences can have an impact. Is there a guarantee that lasts longer than six months? If there is, plant it and see if it grows in the spring - if there's no guarantee, I'd send it back and go out and buy one at the garden centre in spring when they're in flower - that's when they'll have it.

19 Nov, 2009


Hi bornagain, i think youv'e been "had" with your 2 brunneras, i live in the northeast of England and my jackfrost stay evergreen all year round, I think you should ask for a refund and hold onto your plants and see what happens in spring. i will send you a couple of jackfrost in spring as i split mine then, i did this last year and sent 4 members from gardening sites plants which had 100% Sucess, Sandbaz from GOY recieved one and its grew away Brilliantly :) ... Dee..

22 Nov, 2009


That's very kind of you, thanks:-) They have offered to send a check and apologised:-)

22 Nov, 2009


Good Bornagain.. Remind me in spring..

22 Nov, 2009


If these don't survive I'll be knocking at your door Ydd, thanks again for your kind offer:-)

22 Nov, 2009

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