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Brunnera jack frost, should it look like this? this arrived with looking glass and 'though it looks more robust it's rather pot bound also should the leaves look like this? The roots are so congested beneath the pot I'll have to cut them, will this be ok?

On plant Brunnera macrophylla jack frost

Dscf0009 Dscf0010



Yes - no problem with cutting off the roots growing under the pot. You'll have to be fierce with the rootball, though, once you've extracted the plant - make sure you unravel them, or it won't thrive.

19 Nov, 2009


Depending on how much you paid for that, I'd be inclined to complain, Bornagain. If it was cheap, fine, but if you paid top dollar, I'd have expected a top dollar plant. That's been in the same pot far too long, and has obviously suffered drought at some point. It will recover, as Spritz says, though, once you plant it out, but even so.

19 Nov, 2009


This was £5.20 plus delivery Bamboo but it looks a better bargain than the b.looking glass in the other 'question' . Spritz, this problem is caused by my own impetuosity. Why didn't I wait 'til spring:-( I think I will email the company to let them know I am underwhelmed with the quality of the plants in case they don't survive or thrive, thanks:-)

19 Nov, 2009


Wow! That's a lot! I think you'd be right to complain, then, and about the other one as well!

19 Nov, 2009


Thanks Spritz and Bamboo, I have emailed to say I'm disappointed with the quality, they are, as far as I know, a reputable company so I hope they respond. I don't like to complain, but I would not have bought them if I had seen them unless they were in a garden centre bargain bit for a pound or two and worth a gamble:-)

20 Nov, 2009


I have had an email from the nursery apologising, promising to refunding money and saying staff assured them they had good root system and would be ok in spring. Bit of a dilemma, what if they are ok in spring?

21 Nov, 2009


I think this one will be, but you never know for sure - if you're feeling bad about accepting money back and keeping the plant, why don't you tell them you might be back in the spring to reclaim if it's necessary?

21 Nov, 2009


I've put root pic of b.jack frost on and don't think even if it does ok that it was worth the price, I wouldn't have bought it so pot bound and I can't see looking glass putting on much of a show next year. It's annoying as I could have bought them cheaper but thought dear would be best:-( I didn't know you could put more than one pic on a question, is it new?

21 Nov, 2009


Well, relatively, think they altered it so you can put up to 3 pics in a question at once about a month or so ago.

21 Nov, 2009

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